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WOMB WITH A VIEW (2016-2019)

Artistic Director and Producer: Nina Scott 

Co-Producer and Creative Collaborator: Emer Mary Morris 

Sperms of Endearment: Nina Scott, Emer Morris, Polly Rowley Sams, Sam Wetherwald, Jess Jameson, Amaya Dent, Mica Bleach, Mx Bell, Kit Scott, Hannah Stevens

Design: Nina Scott 

Womb with a View is an immersive venue that gives birth to new ideas and an interactive performance that gives birth to YOU.

Travel down a fallopian tube, party with some adoring sperm, enjoy the luxurious velvety interior, start a universe, divide your cells, divide your cells again, divide your cells some more times, sing pop hits into an umbilical cord, pray to mother above, grow your kidneys, wiggle your new toes, be the creator, be the created and make yourself at home because this is all there is, right?


WINNER: AIF Unique Festival Arena, 2017

WINNER: Shambala micro-venues competition, 2016

Womb with a view is an experiment in queering normative narratives around childbirth, pregnancy, gender, motherhood and nature. In 2021 Nina received Developing Your Creative Practice Funding from Arts Council England to develop this project. Watch this space!

Egg Testimonies...

"Beautiful! Educational and spiritual. It was a highlight of my Shambala experience. I truly felt reborn. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work." - Deborah, 2018  

"Exactly what I needed, hands down sorted me right out. An absolute blessing of an experience. Would do all over again for the overwhelming positive feeling received after crawling out!" - Ellie, 2018

Amazing experience! - Jonty, 2018

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