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Werewolf Spotted


Writer: Kill the Beast

Performers: David Cumming, Natasha Hodgson, Ollie Jones, Zoe Roberts

Director: Clem Garritty

Lighting Designer: Elliot Griggs

Animator: Alex Purcell

Model Box Design: Clem Garritty & Bryan Woltjen

Sound Design: Ed Borgnis & David Cumming

Costume Design: Nina Scott & Rachel Schofield Owen

Music: Ben Osborn & Kill the Beast

WINNER - Best Studio Production, Manchester Theatre Awards 

WINNER - Peter Brooke Award 

"The grotesque performance style and production design gives the whole production a feel and aesthetic that is unique and sets itself ahead of many other theatre shows on at the Fringe. Kill The Beast have absolute bags of ingenuity and this ludicrously inventive show cements them as one theatre company who are destined for huge things". **** Broadway Baby 

"Where the company really stand out is in the fine-tuned detail of their aesthetic. Each scene has the comic rigour of a perfectly crafted sketch, yet these delicious scraps of narrative also manage to stitch seamlessly into a full-length show. The tone, look and plot are all remarkably consistent, executed with a boldness and wit that more established companies would kill for" - Whats on Stage

"He Had Hairy Hands is a gloriously dark show riddled with wit and real theatrical cleverness, all topped off with beautiful animation and costumes". **** Play to See

"This 1970s supernatural murder mystery oozes with fast-paced, highly visual jokes, deliciously gruesome details and tasteful quantities of green slime. The quick rotation of characters, costumes and accents makes for a jam-packed show" **** The Skinny 

"This year, the black and white expressionist world they created for Boy Who Kicked Pigs has snapped into nicotine-stained 70’s colour. The projected backdrops, animated by Alex Purcell from hand-constructed box-sets created by Brian Woltjen and Clem Garritty, are as beautiful and witty as ever, as are the horrific costumes from Nina Scott and Rachel Owen" **** Exeunt Magazine 

"Painted with grotesque beauty" - Festmag 

"Kill the Beast goes the extra mile in this fast-paced comedy thriller. Everything down to the last detail is thoroughly well thought out – from the costumes to the makeup to the props, all flecked with grime and mould to create the sinister netherworld of a town under siege by a crazed killer" **** A Younger Theatre 

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