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Be More Mushroom is a raucous, educational musical for kids and grown ups about what fungi can teach us about ourselves and the world around us.


Directed and Produced by Nina Scott and written by Nina Scott and Dan de la Motte. 

Funded by Arts Council England

Kid does not 'fit in’ to Mum's pristine garden. Where everything has its place. Where there’s no room for anything 'peculiar'. Like Kid. And like the giant yellow Chanterelle mushroom that appears one afternoon behind the washing line emitting bubbles, disco lights and... is that... a compilation of queer pop hits remixed to a satisfying techno beat?


When Mum goes on a mission of mushroom destruction Kid must befriend the musical spores, ride the mycelial network under the garden and visit 'Chanterelle’s’: a place with no Morel's (that's a mushroom joke) where the floors are sticky, the clientele is icky and the top class cabaret performances leave Kid with more questions than answers.


You are invited to, Be More Mushroom, a raucous, musical extravaganza for kids and grown ups that will immerse you in the fungal queerdom - a world that's all around you, you just don't know it yet!


Be More Mushroom was conceived by Nina Scott and created in collaboration with Dan de la Motte and a group of queer mycologists, performers, artists and musicians. This was made possible by funding from Arts Council England and support from St. Margaret's House as part of their Artist in Residence Programme.

The Team:

Conceived, Produced and Directed by: Nina Scott 

Written by: Nina Scott and Dan de la Motte

Performers: Milla Harding, Amiot Hills and Dan de la Motte 

Musical Spores: Polly Rowley-Sams, Rubie, Nina Scott

Assistant Producer and Assistant Director: Dan de la Motte 

Set and Costume Designer: Emily Rees-Haynes

Clowning Support: Ella the Great

Lighting Design: Matt Mead

Social Media Support: Vida Adamczewski

Illustrator: Katie Gulson 

Dramaturgy Support: Sam Bainbridge

Photos: Tegid Cartwright 


Song List: 


Spores Like Us: Lyrics and Music by Polly Rowley-Sams 


That’s just the way it is: Lyrics by Nina Scott and Dan de la Motte, Music by Nina Scott and Rubie 


Meet the Mycelium: Lyrics and Music by Polly Rowley-Sams and Rubie


Welcome to Chanterelle's: Lyrics and Music by Nina Scott 


The Sound of You: Music by Nina Scott, Rubie and Polly Rowley-Sams 


Birth of the Earth: Music by Rubie and Polly Rowley-Sams


Truffle Song: Lyrics by Dan de la Motte, Music by Rubie


Zombie Ant Blues: Music by Rubie 


Split Gill Song: Lyrics by Nina Scott, Music by Rubie


I am not an I: Lyrics and Music by Nina Scott 


What does it mean to be more mushroom?: Lyrics and Music by the ensemble (with additional lyrics by Polly Rowley-Sams)

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