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Work in progress page from You Should see the Other Guy and Concrete Action's resource for Stage 1 of 'TO Housing Justice'. The resource will share workshop plans and an evaluation of the project. Workshop Design: Nina Scott Resource Design: Concrete Action


Creative Director: Nina Scott

Co-Facilitators: CJ Hutchinson and Sib Trigg

Producer: Concrete Action 

TO Housing Justice is a long term creative activist collaboration between Nina Scott and Architects Collective, Concrete Action. 

Stage One brought together social housing tenants, people in temporary accommodation, people who have experienced homelessness, academics and theatre practitioners.


Our mission was:

  • To collaboratively consider the effectiveness of theatre of the oppressed for housing activism.

  • To acknowledge and dismantle power structures

  • To generate dialogue

  • To share and pool knowledge within the room and beyond 

  • To design collective models for social change and personal transformation

  • To provide training and experience in facilitation in Theatre of the Oppressed

  • To create an accessible training programme that is free, with travel, lunch and childcare provided

  • To monitor and evaluate the project and publish a resource for fellow activists and TO practitioners detailing our findings

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